concept animation series

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Is a fully developed concept for an animated series, we have a pitch bible and completed script for the pilot episode available. If you are interested feel free to contact us.

In the underbelly of the future, all the most extravagant vigilantes and daunting creatures of the infinite galaxy make use of one secret delivery service: Mystery Delivery, a huge conglomerate that delivers all kinds of exotic and dangerous packages to the most inhospitable and insane places in the universe. Who would dare to work for such a company?


Well, the naive and adventurous teenage girl, Nola, and the whimsical, flamboyant college drop-out Taro! As Nola joins Mystery Delivery in the hope of finding her estranged mother, Taro wishes to rise in the ranks to become a legendary deliverer.

Director: Lindsay Vluttert

Producer: Coen Balkestein

Showrunner: Claire Zhou

Art Director: Daan Lucas

Character Designer & Storyboarder: Esther Heerikhuisen

Concept Artist: Jack Vinke

Writer: Dara Dharmaperwira